Lucky and Timmi 2011

Lucky (50% Greyhound / 50% GSP) was breed with Timmi (100% GSP, Eva and Erlend Aadland) June 22. 2011

This is the same mix as my Gullgutten, Snehvit and Turboprinsen. They are now 2 years old, and very good lucking and running. Snehvit (female) is about 28-30 kg, and the males about 33-35 kg.

For pictures of Lucky and Timmi, look at the info about their last litter :-)

The birth started 21.00 on August 22.
4 females and 9 males. Pictures will follow, but you can see them on Facebook right away :-)

They are really cut !!

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09.07 | 13:11

Hello! I currently have a GSP that I love (my second one that I’ve raised) & I saw an article about the greyster breed. I was wondering if we could discuss the breed, bc I find them to be wonderful!

07.05 | 22:30

Hi! Do you think. You will have puppies this year?

17.10 | 13:53

Hei, ønsker/vurderer greyster valp😊 Er det aktuelle kull fremover?

Vh Anders Liverud

27.08 | 18:20

Jeg har kjøpt en kick-bike av deg, nå vi kjøpe en Greystervalp. Jeg er klar etter sommeren 2021. Er det mulig og til hvilken pris?

Mvh Per Erling Daae

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