Greysther puppies, born Mai 7. 2009

"Lucky" (50/50 vorsther/greyhound) is black, 28 kg, and sister of Buff and Bergans. Timmi is a pure Vortsher own by Eva and Erlend Aadland. "Timmi" is from Solveig K Aaseby's breed. He is 35 kg, great head, and one of the best looking bodies I have ever seen on a Vorsther.  
It is pictures of the partents under "dogs".

This will be new "Turboprinsen's" and "Tigergutt's", for those who are old enough to reamember what they did in the past... (born in 1988 and 1991) 

Ready for the World Championships in 2011

Timmi's pedigree:

Owner: Erlend and Eva T Aadland. Breeder: Solveig K Aaseby

Lucky's pedigree:

Mother Frøken Norge


Grand mother/-father

Grand grand mother/-father

Grand g g mother/-father

Bergjordet's Cat Tyra 11997/00  Åse Irene Furuheim

Akita 18571/96

Brokefjells Mira 33115/92

Brokefjell's Tanita

Briskelia's Remi

Quattro 36588/93



Trym 28089/93

Orremyra's C Pernille 18770/87

Tiurleiken's Alida

Rypeheia's Casper

Jonskollen's Frode 20345/85


Kongstorps Bim

Norrbaggen's F' Zingo 12421/02 Arne Selvåg

Norrbaggen's A' Embla 15312/98

Hera 20926/94

Gruetjenets Røya A

Todde Ulvang

Pjokken 22444/95

Vesleelvas Lexi


Zingo S46044/96

Björkstubbens Amii S59587/92



Vingle 21714/84

Eiterdalens Raja


And Speedfire's Black Warrior


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09.07 | 13:11

Hello! I currently have a GSP that I love (my second one that I’ve raised) & I saw an article about the greyster breed. I was wondering if we could discuss the breed, bc I find them to be wonderful!

07.05 | 22:30

Hi! Do you think. You will have puppies this year?

17.10 | 13:53

Hei, ønsker/vurderer greyster valp😊 Er det aktuelle kull fremover?

Vh Anders Liverud

27.08 | 18:20

Jeg har kjøpt en kick-bike av deg, nå vi kjøpe en Greystervalp. Jeg er klar etter sommeren 2021. Er det mulig og til hvilken pris?

Mvh Per Erling Daae

Del denne siden