Norwegian Champion

2021 Norwegian Championship at Miklagaard was a thriller. Julie won the tournament at the last hole, after 4 days of 18 holes. A magical moment...

College golf

2021 is still College golf for the East Carolina University. Because of the covid-19 the students are offered an additional year at school (5. year). Maybe Julie will stay the 2022/23... Time will show...

New School

Julie is changing school from the fall 2020.
She is very excited, but still sad for leaving her good friends at Presbyterian College...


The golf season was too short this spring, due too the corona virus. Julie returned back home to Norway 5 weeks earlier than planned...
Julie's HCP is +1,4 (May 2020)

4 years in the US

Julie will start at Presbyterian College August 17. 2018
(she will finish May 15. 2022)

New students

Two of the new students at:

Snørock 2018

Kjetil and Julie, with Kygo

Cover of a magazine

The Norwegian Magazine in South of Spain, 2018

2017 golf results

Some great result during 2017
3. place in the Norwegian Junior Championship, and 10. place in the "senior" Norwegian Championship. New "lowest score" at the Atlungstad course during the Norwegian Championship.

2018 taking the wrong turn...

Julie is trying to explain how she could take the wrong turn at the Norwegian Championship 2018. She and Fine Josefine did 15k instead of 10k ;-)

Norwegain Champions relay 2016 and 2017 2x Gold Medals

Julie did pulka in 2016 and skijoring in 2017 in Holmenkollen SK's relay team. Anne Marte Løvstuen and mum Lena were in the team. Sometimes the golfer gives "one for the team"...

In 2015 Julie made up her mind....

After the 2015 winter season Julie decided to go all in for golf. She did 3 years at Wang Toppidrett (school/training golf) and will go 4 years at Presbyterian Golf College in South Carolina/USA from 2018.

World Champion 2015

Julie won the 4-dog sprint World Championship for juniors in Todtmoos/Germany.
She was faster than all the seniors !
Pulka, Saga, Tigerfrøken and Snehvit was running in her team.

Mother and daughter 2015

Both were World Champions in Germany.
Mass start and relay for Lena, and individual start junior for Julie

European Champion 2014

Gullgutten and Julie won the European Championship in scooter junior in France.

Snørock 2016

Julies best skijor memory was at Snørock in 2016, when she was no. 4 in the Super Finale competing with Ole Einar Bjørndalen. Fine Josefine was the super hero dog.

Julie did skijor a lot with Tigerfrøken and Gullgutten.

The Seppala race with Pulka and pulk. You need to bring your gear, and sleep "outside"
Great experience

Julie was born into golf and dog sport. At this pic we are playing at Kvitfjell Golf Course. Julie enjoyed playing, but just for fun...

Julie was traveling around the world with mum and dad, and all the dogs. And offcource André when he was born.

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Hello! I currently have a GSP that I love (my second one that I’ve raised) & I saw an article about the greyster breed. I was wondering if we could discuss the breed, bc I find them to be wonderful!

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Hi! Do you think. You will have puppies this year?

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Hei, ønsker/vurderer greyster valp😊 Er det aktuelle kull fremover?

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Jeg har kjøpt en kick-bike av deg, nå vi kjøpe en Greystervalp. Jeg er klar etter sommeren 2021. Er det mulig og til hvilken pris?

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