A little update from 2016, even if Facebook is the "place to be" .... :-)


Lena won the stage race "Trainaux Vallgaude" in France

4-dog sled, with a pool of 6 dogs. It was too hot and too litle snow, so we had to do most laps in the same place. Tigerfrøken was injured the first day (very bad), and out for the rest of the season. Lucky had to do her job in front together with Pulka. Turbo, Gullet and Black (Eva T Aadland, brother og Gullet and Turbo).


André won the Junior European Championship

in sled with 4 dogs at Savalen in Norway. Pulka and Gullgutten in front, and Pluto and Iron wheel. It was a tricky trail, and André did a great job ! André also won the pulka 12-16 years Norwegian Championship with Helle (Beatrice Gatti)


Lena won the Norwegian Championship in sled 4-dog

We had a cracy fast time the first day. Lucky was AMAZING in front, togeter with Pulka. Turboprinsen and Black ran wheel. 


Holmenkollen also won the Norwegian Championship in ski-dogs realy

Julie did first lap with Helle in pulka, Lena did secound lap skijoring with Turboprinsen. We were flying, and I have never seen Turbo running that fast. We overtook 5-6 teams, and could send Anne Marte and Arja out as no 3. It wasn't even in our dreams to win this, and so much fun. Our first gold medal in a Norwegian Championship relay !!!


Kjetil, André and Lena did Vindelälvsdraget

(40 km relay in Sweden) with team Hamar. We had great laps. Kjetil with his team, André skijoring with Helle, and Lena skijoring with Pulka and Saga. Our team Hamar was secound.


Julie was playing golf in Spain and South-Africa, and could not do all the races she wanted. Her HCP is 1,9 at this time: August 2016 :-)

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For those of you living without facebook:

2015 was a great season, with Norwegian Championship gold medals for Julie and Lena, and World Championship gold medals for Lena (x2) and Julie.

Our dogs had a great stomach disease between my races in Bernau and Julies race in Todtmoos. Gullgutten could not run, and had to go out every 2. hour, and Snehvit was very sick. Saga and Pulka had only 1-2 days, but they ran good, because they did eat their meals. Luckily their were ready for Julies start.

Kjetil did not finish the Norway Trail because of kennel cough.

Lena had two new lap records (Pulka and Tigerfrøken, and Pulka and Gullgtten) in the Vindelälvsdraget, and won't the whole relay with the team Hamar. 

André will start in Seppalaløpet....

2014 European Championship gold medal for Julie (born 1999) 

in 4-dog Junior on snow. Julie only used 3 dogs: Gullgutten, Turboprinsen and Pulka. Snehvit was supposed to run in the team, but was pregnant.

Julie won in fromt of Axel Coste (France) and a Finnish girl. Julie would have been no. 3 in the elite class. Very good :-)

2014 European Championship gold medal for Julie in scooter 1-dog junior (14-20 years)

Gullgutten and Julie did great, and it was a very big moment for all of us, since Julie was only 15 years old...

I (Lena) did /do not race much anymore. I find it more fun to help the kids. But I did start in the ECh dryland too. In the relay I used Pulka and Drømmejenta, and we won the bronze medal 😀  In Scooter 2-dog I had one very injured dog (always returning back problem) and it was just a "sunday walk"...

Kjetil still race. He has about 13 adult dogs and 9 puppies. He prefers smaller teams and more contact with his dogs. He like the "Norway Trail" and MD races.

World Champion, and 2x Norwegian Champion dryland 2013

4-dog Norwegian Championship Gold : Gullgutten, Pulka, Lucky and Turboprinsen 

21. sec. before Kjell Sørum, and 43 before Svein Ivar Moen

2-dog scooter Norwegian Championship Gold : Pulka and Gullgutten

15 sec. before Trond Are Hoel and Carina Nilsen

XC-trail in Jømna Heradsbygd

Warm wether, sand and hills

2-dog scooter World Championship Gold : Pulka and Gullgutten

Falze di Piave, Italy

Warm wether, quite heavy conditions (muddy)

1,9 sec. in front of Robin Lyon, Belgium, 4 sec. in front of Carina Nilsen (N)

Kjetil did not start. Julie started with Turboprinsen, and had a little trouble with the heat in the end. But she had fun :-)

2 x World Champion in Alaska

4-dog class: Gullgutten, Pulka, Buff and Turboprinsen

Intervall start Friday and Saturday, and mass start at Sunday

Fantastic dogs made magic ! Winning by 1,26 Friday and Saturday, and 22 sec. in the mass start. 9,12 km.

Cold and nice wether, and good trails.

Results normal race, Friday and Saturday:

Results mass start sunday:

Gold Medal: Lena Boysen Hillestad (NOR)
Silver Medal: Elin Björk (SWE)
Bronze Medal: Lilly Stewart (USA)

The Kings Cup and Norwegian Champion 

Lena, Gullgutten, Pulka, Buff and Turboprinsen won the very special Kings Trophy February 2. 2013

The Norwegian King gives a very special cup/trophy to different sports every year. For the first time in history the selected class was the 4-dog sprint class. I'm very proud the be the winner of The Kings Cup (Norwegian Championship) :-)

In sled sprint we only had the Kings Cup in 10-dog class many years ago, 3 times in 6-dog class (I have two of them), 2 times in 8-dogs class, and this year in 4-dog class.

You will find the results here: http://http://www.emit.biz/races/2013.02.02/NM2013_HundekjOEring_Kongepokal/totalres/4_SPANN_SPRINT__7.5KM.HTM

2012 Spanish Championship

I was invited to talk about training ++ at the Spanish Championship, in Burgos. Kjetil came along, and we had a great weekend. Around 400 people were listening to the speach at saturday evening. A lot of spectators at the race, and a lot of participants. Some of the mushers we know from Pirena were present, a lot of canicrossers of all ages, and many others.

We are greatfull to all the nice pepole in Spain, and especially Javier who invited us, to the Major, Ana Maria, and all others. I have posted a lot of pictures at Facebook.

European Champion 2012 


Gold Medal in 2-dog to Lena, Pulka and Gullgutten😀

And silver for Lena in 4-dog class: Lucky, Buff (both 50% Greyhound), Snehvit and Turboprinsen. Kjetil was only 0,2 sec from the gold medal after a good second day, with Robin and Thunder in lead i 6-dog class.

The picture is right before Lena's two dog start, with super handler and team leader Venke de Lange, and Kjetil. Helmut Dietz took this great photo.

This was Lena's 15. European Championship Gold Medal. It was very satisfying to be on the very top again 🙂😀😉

3 x Norwegian Champions dryland

Kjetil won the 6-dog class, Lena won the 4-dog and scooter 2-dog class 2012.

A great weekend with a lot of rain in a fast trail. About 200 participants. Lena used Gullgutten and Pulka in front both days. Snehvit and Turboprinsen also ran in the 4-dog team. Results: http://www.sleddog.no/t2.asp?p=27872

European Championships in Germany next 🙂


A new season has started😀 2012/2013.

My first race was the Open Swedish Championship in Hällefors. It was a great race with many participants, with all kind of dogs. I won the 4-dog class with Lucky and Snehvit, and Buff and Turboprinsen. Day two Buff was in front with Lucky.

The first day Snehvit was out of her harness just before start, and I lost 12 sec. We had a lead of 9 sec. The second day we did better, and won with 52 sec totally.

I also got a second place in roller 2-dog, with Pulka and Gullgutten. Gullet was really tired the first day. The trail was fun, but hard because of soft terrain and hills. We were 13 sec. behind first place. The second day we had the best time, but not enough to win. The trail was 5,2 km.

We have some more races in Norway, before we go to the European Championship in Germany in november.

For the winter I'm not sure yet, but our Kings Cup is important. And maybe I wil go tho the stage race Defi Rôhne Alpes in France....

Victory in Vindelälvsdraget 2012

and ready for a new season 🤩

The great relay Vindelälvsdraget was a success for Team Non-Stop Dogwear. We were 10 mushers with sleds and skies. I skijored with Turboprinsen and Gullgutten.

I have decided to race the next winter season, and offcource the dryland season. We are all ready for doing fun things with our dogs. But first we will play some golf.

Kjetil has 2 litters this summer, and I have 2 litters.  

Season almost over. What now ??

The season is soon over. We had a great race at Spidsbergseter in March. Kjetil won, and I was no. 2. In the Olympic Model sled classes. The Olympic Relay on sunday was a success again. It started with sled max 8 dogs, then skijoring less than 16 years, pulka and in the last lap skijoring 2 dogs. 

We had Olga from Russia winning the women combined. Bernard Pepin from France (IFSS), Arild Eidsvold (IFSS) and  Nils Finsrud (ESDRA)  were impressed by the Olympic Relay on sunday. We hope this relay will be a part of the International program very soon :-)

My European Championship in France two weeks earlier was not fun. It was warm, Lucky was still injured (since Defi Rhone Alpes), we were attacked by another team, and the trail was especially bad on sunday. 

We were no. 4, 3 sec behind bronze medal after saturdays pursuit. Everyone was sure no. 3 was disqualified after jumping into my team some meters before the finish line, but he just got a warning. Not fun!

At the sundays Olympic Model we were leading, but there were no trail in the heavy snow weather, and almost everyone had problems. It was not fair! The whole race was a lottery, and they should not have given out medals!

Kjetil was no. 3 in unlimited class :-) Not very satisfied, but at least a medal...

I'm not sure what I'll do next. I don't have much motivation left. I really enjoy Julie and André 's racing, and hope they will continue. After the Vindelelvsdraget relay in Sweden 15.-18. march I will have a vacation...

Victory in Defi Rhône Alpes 2012

The French 9 days (one day off) stage race took place in 4 different locations in Rhône Alpes in January. Skijoring, 4-, 6- and 8 dag class. Between 4 and 12 km.

I participated in 4-dog class where we had a pool of 6 dogs. Lucky and Buff (50% Greysthers), Snehvit, Turboprinsen and Gullgutten (25 % Greysthers), and Provit (GSP/AH). My mother and father was traveling with me. I slept with my dogs in the car, and my parents in hotels.

A lot of snow in the beginning of the race made the trails a bit dangerous downhill. The two first days in Albiez Montrond was 6,5 km. Steep down, and up again. Lucky, Provit, Turbo and Gullet was really good the first day, and we were in the lead with 20 sec. (Igor Tracz and Quintin Soulier after us). The second day Lucky was injured in her hip, and we lost a lot of time. Lucky could not run in the rest of DRA. Very sad!! 

Competitionday 3 and 4, was after 1 day with rest, in St. Jean (Arves). Nice funny trail, but a little loose snow the first day. Igor beat me with 8 sec the first day, after I had a big "dive" in the snow. Gullet, Buff, Provit and Turbo ran very good. The second day in the same trail we beat Igor with about 20 sec. (4 km)

Day 6 and 7 we were in the XC / Biathlon place Nancroix. Great trails, about 6,2 km. I was still no. 2 totally and Igor was starting first. That day we beat him with 44 sec, and the next day with 5 sec (very hot day). 

For the two last days in La Clusaz (Manigold) we were in lead. The trail here was a lot of up hills. Not steep, but long. And the finish line was almost on the top, because of all the people in this area (all hotels were totally full). 20 sec the first day, in much snow, gave me a total lead of 54 sec before the last day. Snehvit was also running both days. It was 1 min startintervall, and nothing was for sure before the finish line. Buff and Turbo was really good in front, and we were about 40 sec in front of Igor (World Champion 2011), and more in front of Quintin Soulier (European Champion 2010). This was the only day Gullet did not run. (Because Buff was in heat Gullet did not eat too much during the week).

Totally we won with 1 min 38 sec. The dogs and me had a fun week, with a lot of experiences :-) We might go back next year ...

Our winter season starts this weekend. All family members will participate at Hamar Hundekjørerfestival 😋

Kjetil: Unlimited sprint
Lena: 4-dog sprint
Julie: Skijoring
André: Skijoring


2x Bronze medals in the World Championship

Kjetil won the bronze medal in Borken, Germany. He was number 9 in the 8-dog class after the first day. He was leading 600 m before finish, but after stopping to fix some line-strangle, his lead dogs tought the race was finished, and run under the fence. Too bad. He was leading with about 40 sec. Because of warm wether the distanse was only 4,5 km, instead of 7,5 km. Kjetil ran only 6-dogs.

On sunday Kjetil had second best time, and climbed to 3. place. Then the distance was 7,5 km. Michael Tetzner from Germany won the gold medal.

Lena was number 6 in scooter 2. dog after the first day, with Miss Alaska and Provit. The trail was 7,5 each day. A Swedish girl lost her team right in front of Lena on saturday, and Lena had to breake and take care. A lot of focus was lost after that. On sunday she catch up with two teams, and had the 2. best time. It was a OK 3. place...

In 4-dog Lena used Lucky, Buff (50% Greyh.), Gullgutten and Turboprinsen (25% Greyh.) Both days were 4,5 km. After the first day she was no. 5. (6 teams within 11 sec.). Sunday Lena had 2. best time and was only 3 sec. from bronze the medal. Because of a damaged toe on Turboprinsen, he was not lead dog the first day. That was stupid!! He was in lead the second day.

This was the first race this year, because of kennel caugh. A very bad automn for both Kjetil and Lena's dogs.....
The Cudos rigs worked very well :-)

Ready for the 2011 dryland World Championships


Kjetil will participate in 8 dog (7,2 km). Lena will start in 4 dog (4,5 km) and maybe 2 dog scooter (7,2 km)
Buff and Lucky will probably run in 4-dog. It will be fun and very interresting :-)

The Norwegian Championship earlier this season was a disaster! We had kennel caugh, and could not start in rig......... Only the old ladies Alaska and Frøken could run. Everything is better now, and it will be fun to race the new cart in the WCh.!

Training has started, and Lucky got puppies

It's the end of August. After a really bad summer (read: rain and cold weather), we are now ready for the training season and dryland World Championships in Germany in November. I train 6 dogs, and Kjetil 18. We have both one puppy each: Pulka and Mercedes (3 months old)

Right now Lucky have got 11 puppies, and I think there will be more... There are pictures on FB.

Training Camp in Australia 2011

July 2.-13. my father and me are in the area of Sydney to talk about mushing, the past and the future. It will be fun :-) But a really long trip. It's a little weird to leave the "summer" in Norway (if we can call what we had until now "summer"...?!), and go to the winter... I'll try to post some pics at facebook!

Kjetil and the kids are home, taking care of the dogs, and especially the puppies. BTW, the pups are doing great, acting crazy and having fun with people visiting and my other dogs. Lucky was breed about two weeks ago, so it will be a active summer :-)

End of season, and new goals

The season this year was not good. A lot of injuries (Miss Alaska, Frøken Norge and Gullgutten), and lungh-problems for Snehvit and Gullgutten. 4 of my dogs were too young for running in masstart (20 months), and did NOT have focus at all. But the worse thing was Gullet hurting himselves in front of the WCh :-(

Kjetil have 18 selected dogs, I have 6 + one puppy (and Lucky 50% Greyh. as a good spare dog living with my parents) We'll participate in dryland and on snow next season.

Right now we're fixing our house, playing golf and let the dogs run free and play in our yard. I'm going to a trainingcamp in Australia in July :-)



I won the my 22. Norwegian Championship gold medal this winter (29.-30. januar 2011). 4-dog class. With Provit and Gullgutten in front, and Snehvit and Lucky behind. Great team ! Frøken Norge and Miss Alaska are both injured. (Alaska will run again soon). 26 competitors in 4-dog class.

Kjetil got silver medal in 8-dog class. Hege was in front.
Unlimited and 6-dog class will take place in two weeks, still at Hamar.

14 days later Kjetil won the unlimited Norwegian Championship, and I was no. 5 in the 6-dog class.

We are both qualified for the World Championships in Holmenkollen (4 and 8 dog class), and Hamar (unlimited and 6 dog class). I would rather go in skijoring, but I will probably participate in 6-dog class. Because we had no qualification races i 2 dog skijoring, only pulka 1-dog x3 races, and 1-dog skijoring x1 race...

Our World Championships-teams are taking form 😀

In our 1. race Kjetil was second after Tetzner from Germany. All Kjetil's young dogs was sick, and not running. He had 10 dogs in his team, and was very satisfied in the tough conditions. Lena won the 4-dog class in front of Kiss from Hungary. Provit and Miss Alaska was running in front, and Turboprinsen and Lucky (50% greyh/GSP) behind. 2x 6,8 km

Frøken Norge have a bad toe, and is tecnically on drugs and can not run until the end of January. She has not trained since November 22. until Christmas. Snehvit and Gullgutten had a lung inflamation, ans they have not trained since December 12.

In Åsarna Sweden January 14.-16. Gullgutten was running in lead with Miss Alaska. Snehvit and Provit behind. We won that race in front of Bjørk from Sweden (Kiss 3.). We had two good days, and a really bad one on sunday: Alaska started to limp on saturday, and should not have been running on sunday :-(
It was 3 days x10km. Kjetil stayed home....

Christmas and New Year 2010

This has been a "stressfull" fall. We have re-buildt our house and done a lot of the work our selves. Just before the European Championship in Italy I injured my foot, and had to use walking-"sticks" ("krykker"- I don't know the name) I could not train myselves, but had to get help from Kjetil. My leg is OK now.

After Italy our dogs got bad diare, and right before Christmas they got the kennel-cough. All that is also better now :-)

Our hous is looking nice now, and we enjoy life! We're looking forward for the World Championship in Norway. I will try to qualify for the 4-dog class and skijoring 2-dog. Kjetil want to start in unlimited and 8-dog. He has 26 dogs in training, and I have 5 (soon 6) dogs in training. Our first race will be held at Hamar January 8.-9.

European Championship in Italy 2010

I had big plans for the 4-dog class. Miss Alaska, Gullgutten, Snehvit and Provit were all ready for a great run.

2 dog scooter was ment for fun and training, because Frøken Norge has a injured toe, and probably have to remove it next week. And Turboprinsen need more competition training. And last, but very important: I fell down the stairs (no staris!) outside our house 14 days before the ECh, and could not scooter or walk by myselves until the ECh weekend...

4-dog was first, and I had a good run for about 2-3 minutes. I heard a noise, and reamember I was upside down with a broken front fork. It happend very fast, in the trail, without me having any accident. Very dissapointing! A brand new cart, and a great team...

I needed help to get all 4 dogs back to the car, with all the other teams passing.
They were totally crazy! Me and the dogs was not hurt/injured.

I was allowed to start in scooter 2 dog with Alaska and Gullgutten. Nice! But they were already tired, and not very vell prepared. OK result, but not fun. I could not kick properly because of the injury in my foot. (I can still not walk normal on my right foot) Sunday's result was better, but
I had both a wrong foot and a wrong scooter (I did not bring my own, and got a very high one, 18 cm, down there)

Better luck next time!

Norwegian Champion dryland 2010

October 9. Lena was Norwegian Champion in 4-dog class. Miss Alaska and Gullgutten in front, and Provit and Iron behind them.

The plan was to use Snehvit instead of Iron, but she cut herselve bad in the foot 1 minute before leaving home. Iron (Kjetil's unlimited dog, and father of Provit) had to run instead.

The trail was hard fysical and tecnical, on sandy XC trails. It was a great trail :-)

It was the 21. Norwegian gold medal for Lena, but MUCH happiness!! Svein Ivar Moen was number two, 6 sec behind. AND: The fastest time of all today (inkl. 8-dog) !

Gullgutten did great today in his first race. This season will be very interresting  😉  Also Provit's first race: Great !
And: Miss Alaska gave birth 9 weeks ago ......

Frøken Norge got 10 puppies
5 males and 5 females

Born sunday August 15. 2010

There is a fresh video under "video" site...

Miss Alaska's pups were born August 7. 2010

Miss Alaska and Fart got 10 puppies on Saturday morning. 5 males and 5 females. Miss Alaska did great !

See pictures and read more under "puppies"
And a video under "video"

New breedings   😀 

Miss Alaska (pure GSP) & Fart (50/50 GSP/Greyhound). First breeding was June 6.
Birth around August 8.

Frøken Norge (pure GSP) & Timmi (pure GSP). First breeding was June 14.

Birth around August 16.

3 greysther puppies April 5.  

Monday 10:05 in the morning: The first male puppy is born. Look under "puppies" and "Buff & Timmi" for pictures and more info

It was just 3 pups all together. I'll breed Miss Alaska and Fart as soon as possible (same mix), hopefully this spring. Frøken Norge will also be breed with a pure braque (GSP) during the summer.

Trial-World Champion 2010

Marsh 5.-7. 2010 there was the trial World Championship for pulka, sled sprint and MD at Hamar. It was great weater and good conditions all weekend, and participants from many countries.

4-dog class had normal start on Friday and pursuit on Saturday. I started 1 sec. behind Teemu Kalvola (Finland) on Saturday. Catarina Södersten (Sweden) and Igor Tracz (Poland) were hunting me. I passed Teemu in the first curve, and won with 1 sec totaly :-) I used Frøken Norge, Miss Alaska, Romeo and Tin.

On Sunday we had the Olympic Model (mass start and 3 laps x 2,3 km).
Saturdays results was the qualification for the starting order. I had a good start and won with 25 sec. Frøken Norge, Miss Alaska, Tin and Lucky (50% greyh/GSP!!!) did great! I'm really happy with my first victory in an Olympic Model race :-)

The trail was too narrow for a fair mass start, but we all got a good experience. This race will take place in Holmenkollen next year, and the new arena i Holmenkollen is VERY WIDE!

The other classes in sled had a "normal" race (3 days total). In pulka and skijoring they had two individual races and Olympic Model on Sunday


Photos by Gnus from Poland:

Info about the 2010 World Championships:

Dogs for sale

We have some dogs for sale. Mainly for limited classes. But also some puppies and some other dogs.

Most dogs have been in Kjetil's unlimited team, and in Lena's team. Quite big hard working dogs. We both have many new puppies, and too many dogs all together.

Look at the "Dogs for sale" tag.

In the picture: Lena with Romeo (for sale) and Frøken Norge in Pirena last year.

Pirena 2010

Pirena starts at January 23. We leave home the 19. Kjetil, me and handler Jorn Storbraaten. Jorn is former stage-race winner, and has a lot of experience.
All humans and dogs are doing good. My parents will stay in our house with the children while we're away.

We had good trainingconditions this year. It's been cold for a while this christmas/beginning of January, but not a big problem. www.pirena.com

Lena will bring Frøken Norge, Miss Alaska og Smash (Beatrice)
Lena can run maximum 2 dogs.

Kjetil will bring: Robin, Gold, Romeo, Arrow, Victor, Iron, Steel, Happy, Kiss, Tin, Nickel, Kasseq, Gaus (T. Hellstrand) and Pepsi (U. Spliid). Kjetil can run maximum 12 dogs.

World Championship, Quebec, Canada

We are now in America. Venke de Lange, Viktor Sinding Larsen, Linn Beate Hansen and Lena (me). We're participating in a race in Oxford the weekend before the WCh, and the WCh. October 28. - November 1.

We'll be back home November 6.
You'll find links and more info under "Canada 2009"

VM i Norge 2011

Nå er hjemmesiden på nett:


Begrenset antall sparkesykler igjen på lager! 
Det begynner å minske på lageret for 2009. Har du planer om å kjøpe i år, så vær raskt ute. By modeller er det flere av på lager.

Bildet virser "Freeride" (kr. 2400,-), en morsom sykkel for store og små. Info om modeller m.m. finnes på 

Cross Max i sort eller grønn kr. 3700,-

Tren mage, innsiden av lårene, rumpa og kondisen

Greysther puppies (25/75) 
Ready for the 2011 World Championships!

"Lucky" (50/50 vorsther/greysther) is black, 28 kg, and sister of Buff and Bergans. She is breed with "Timmi" May 11. 2009. Timmi is a pure Vortsher own by Eva and Erlend Aadland. "Timmi" is from Solveig K Aaseby's breed. He is 35 kg, great head, and one of the best looking bodies I have ever seen on a Vorsther. 

I will keep at least two, in addition to the two Frøken Norge/Iron puppies. If you are interrested please let us know as soon as possible

2 x Norwegian Champions 2009
Friday, saturday and sunday February 27.-28. and March 1. Sled sprint and MD. I'm in lead in the 4-dog class. I used Frøken Norge, Miss Alaska, Romeo and Tin. Kjetil is second in unlimited class, with 15 dogs. He will run 14 on saturday. Hege Ingebrigtsen is in lead in the 6-dog class.

There is no 8-dog class yet, because 8-dog class is Kings Cup, and will be arranged March 20.-22.

Results at: http://www.hamar-trekkhundklubb.net/

2. day: Trackrecord for me: 14:50. I'm 1:02 in front of Anders Søreide. Kjetil had the fastest time in unlimited today. He is now in lead, 1:42 in front of Maria Lindquist from Sweden. Nr. 2 in the Norwegian Championshis is Terje Svensrud, 1:59 behind Kjetil.

Tomorrow we start with 2 min intervall again...

Sunday: Snow and slower trail. I was 24 sek before Søreide today. Gold Medal! Yippi!! Kjetil had 2. best time, but was Norwegian Champion too! Double Yippi!!!

We have both been participating in the Pirena race this year, from january 17.-31. Kjetil in the sleddog class and Lena in the skijoring class. www.pirena.com a great experience!!

Kjetil's dogs: Gold, Arrow, Tin, Kiss, Steel, Iron, Victor, Kasseq, Nickel, Happy, Robin, Queen, Tear and Buffy  (underline=leaddogs)

Lena's dogs:
Frøken Norge, Miss Alaska and Romeo

For those who understand Norwegian, red all about our race at our blog.


Lena og Alaska og Kjetil med Tear og Gold i led


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