Miss Alaska and Fart

Miss Alaska and Fart got puppies August 7. 2010

Miss Alaska is pure GSP (Vorsther) About 30 kg. Lena's dog.
Fart is 50% Greysther. About 28 kg. Lena's dog, but he lives with Thea (neigbour)

They both run like cracy. And Fart is incredible fast. PS! The name Fart means fast in Norwegian 😉

Fart is the brother of Lucky, Buff and Alpina.

Gender & nameBuyer"Name"ColorBirth1 day18 days23 days34 days41 days 44 days51 days
M MalukWenger TjukkenBrown/white550500134017002250274029803600
M Jet of NorwayJean-Baptice EightBrown/white (brown 8 on the side)550540164019502570328035804160
MSuzannaWinterWhite/brown (white back)500500132017152330280031803880
MDominikVictoryBrown, white V on the chest550510128014702060250027203250
MPermanentBrown, curlie coat500430120014201940246026503420
F SagaBeatriceSagaBrown head and sholders / white back500440140014002170262029003800
F AvalonMartina RightyBrown, white right foot500410118014501760235026503300
FBjörneComfort ?Brown, long white "bless" on the chest500490150018202500296032703800
F FenjaWenger Survivor ?Brown, white chest, 2 white thoes400370155018902620332038004470
FSandyBrown, white feets500490?13001680224025503000











































02.11.2011 17:54


'Fart' means 'speed' in Norwegian, just to be completely correct. :)