Frøken Norge & Timmi

Frøken Norge & Timmi got puppies August 15. 2010
Both parents are pure GSP (Vorsther)
5 females and 5 males. The all looked the same when they were born: Brown and white.

Frøken Norge is 65 cm high, and 31 kg (Lena B. Hillestad)
Timmi is 70 cm high high, and about 35 kg (Eva T. Aadland, breeder Solveig K. Aaseby)

Both dogs run very well and have a balanced and good head.

The pedigree will look like this:

There is a video of the puppies some houres old under "video"

Their weight 10 days old
Females: 800 - 810 - 835 - 840 - 910
Males: 740 - 780 - 820 - 905 - 95 

"Name"Color26 days    31 days      36 days  43 days
M GreyGrey / brown1900240028203280
M BoySmall white spot on the nose1680234028203450
M SpotWhite spot neck, and nose1825218025803370
M Big All brown head, most white body (small spots)2220263032203650
M StripeWhite nose and a stripe on the head1810220025902860
FWhite spot nose right1770217026302930
FBrown head, brown right side 1880215025603100
FWhite spot nose, brown body1870236027603070
FBrown head 1780216025502970
F Tyra (Gunhild Ro)Most white nose, stripe15402400          2520 ?2930