Buff and Timmi 2010

Buff's father Black Warrior (Sweden)

Timmi, the father of the puppies. 100% braque (Vorsther/GSP) Owner: Eva T. Aadland

Buff is a great athlete, and the most nice dog ever

Buff and her mother (Frøken Norge)

The first one: Male Born 10:05 in the morning April 5. 2010

Number two was a boy too... Brown and white

No 3 is a brown male. Very cute :-)

2 days old

Still 2 days old

2 days old...

Grandmother Froken Norge, mother Buff and the 3 puppies. 9 days old...

17 days old now. They are growing BIG. Wandering (falling!) around. Today they went out of the "puppy-bed"

21 days old. Still living inside our house, with Buff and Froken Norge. Here is Froken Norge cleaning up, while Buff is outside playing with the others...

Froken gets tired after all the "work".....

23 days old. Playing with a toy-dog...

25 days old. They are all big !

A lot of sleeping...


30 days old

30 days old

30 days old too.....:-)

Buff is the sister of Lucky (Fart and Alpina). 50% greyhound / 50% vorsther
Great body, great head and FAST! But she also ran as leaddog in "Hamarsprinten 2010" 4-dog team 8 km = Fastest time :-)

Timmi is pure braque (GSP/Vorsther)
Great body and a very good runner.
The breeding took place January 31. 2010 and February 1. 2010
The first puppy was born April 5.
Delivery right before Mai 27.

Pedigree: http://www.sommerschild.com/stamtavla/default.asp?action=search&searchword=31332&lb=snehvit