Norwegian Championship 2018

  • 2018 Millegrobe/Italy European Championship
    André was competing in the senior class and won 2x silver medal. Fine Josefine, Spinnvilll, Kygo and Gold.
    In the individual start. Kygo was replaced with Nemi (Anne Marte Løvstuen) at the mass start because of an injury day 1

  • 2018 Hamar Norwegian Championship. André, Fine Josefine, Spinnvill, Gold and Kygo was faster than all the seniors.

  • 2018 André and Fine Josefine in action at the junior Norwegian Championship. Fastest time in the 5k

  • 2017 Snørock with Spinnvill

  • 2017 World Champion Haliburton/Canada
    Junior 4-dog with Fine Josefine, Helle (Beatrice), Pulka and Spinnvill

  • 2017 Norwegian Championship at Jømna. Gold in junior scooter and bikejoring with Fine Josefine.

  • 2016 European Championship Savalen/Norway
    André won the junior class with Pulka, Gullgutten, Pluto and Iron (Kjetil's dogs)

  • Tigerfrøken is a super friend and a great athlete.

  • André is a born musher. He loves dogs....
    ...all of them...

  • A typical view ...

  • You can not be afraid when you start with Lucky. Norwegian Championship 2015

  • Seppala race 2015 Spidsbergseter. André and Tigerfrøken raced to days and had a cold night in a tent without floor. Though team !

  • André startet skijoring when he was very young. At first he borrowed dogs from Beatrice M Gatti. In the pic André and Mikkel are having fun at Veldre Sag in Brumunddal.

  • André has always loved dogs. He is very caring, fair and respectful. This pic is from Sommerhundekjørerskolen, a one week summer camp with dogs.

8. des, 2016