• André 2002

    André is a born musher. He loves dogs.... ...all of them... He also play golf, but most for fun.

  • Julie 1999

    Julie like to skijor most. And she is a very dedicated golf player (hcp 3,9 pr. 2015)

  • 2015 Norwegian Championship

    You can not be afraid when you start with Lucky...

  • 2015 Seppala

    Spidsbergseter. André and Tigerfrøken races to days and had a cold night in a tent without floor. Though team !

  • Turboprinsen

    A very good team, and very good friends...

  • 2015 World Champion

    Todtmoos 3 x 8 km. Best total time of all seniors too.
    Pulka, Saga (Beatrice Gatti), Snehvit and Tigerfrøken.

    Also Norwegian Champion 2015: Robin, Gullgutten, Turboprinsen and Synne (Bea, sister of Turbo and Gullet)

  • 2014 European Champion

    France. Scooter with Gullgutten. Julie was the youngest competitor. (picture: Italy with Turbo 2013)
    Also Norwegian Champion 2014 with Gullgutten.

  • Skijoring is fun. Tigerfrøken and Gullet has been Julies first choises

8. des, 2016