Fart lives at our neighbours, Lucky at my parents, Buff and Alpina at www.sgh.no , "Canada" lives in Canada with Ron Richards, and Jolene and Forrest lives in USA with Jessica Doherty.
(Bergans died june 18. 2009. Only 1 year and one month old. He was stangled when he was playing with Miss Alaska. Her front foot was stock in Bergans color. It was really sad!)

They are all very fast. They loves to run. And they are easy to handle. Their weight are between 30 and 32 kg. All dogs are brown except for Lucky wich is black.

They can run really fast for about 5 km, but they can also run for 15 km if they get some breaks during the trip.

The purpus of this breeding and these dogs, are to make new Greysthers like in the 1990'.... I had great sucsess with 1/4 (next generation) for many years: Tigergutt, Turboprinsen and Cherrie. And later I got many other good dogs 1/6 and 1/8. All these dogs were very honest and gave all. They got tired like Bjørn Dæhli (xc skiier), but we won a lot!

Buff and Bergans

Speedfire's Black Warrior
100% greyhound from Flexvya Racing, Lollo Johansson and Jan Svensson in Sweden: http://www.flexvya.dinstudio.se/


Frøken Norge
100% vorsther. Lena's dog

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Lucky, 30 kg