2324 Vang på Hedmark


PS! Drive trough Rubert. You must NOT drive from Ormseter (on the top). It is not possible to go by car from the top...

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24.01.2016 18:48


I look for a female greyster . I have 3 dogs , and I could not take an extra male .

Have you come within range ? And if so, are you planning to make reservations ?

03.01.2013 14:41

BEAU Vanessa

Hello I'm french, I research a puppy female ? do you have some puppies now or in 2013 ? Sincerely, Vanessa BEAU

04.01.2013 08:25


I have breed Miss Alaska (100% Vorsther) and Gullgutten (1/4 Greysther) today
I have a young female puppy from the same breeding, and she is very nice.

The mix will be 1/8 Greysther.
Gullgutten was European Champion in 2-dog scooter with me in German

03.08.2010 11:36

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